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Leverage my 38 years of product development, marketing, startup, venture capital, and consulting experience to help make your new venture a success. 
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In a Meeting
I have personally worked at four startups and worked with dozens more in my work in venture capital, consulting, and my work at Duke University.  I have brought dozens of products to market on both the marketing and engineering side and managed products in finance and operations.  I have seen startup successes, failures, and companies that have flourished after pivoting from their original ideas.  From market to competition to business model strategy to execution, let me help you avoid or overcome the common obstacles that get in the way of turning your startup into a sucess. 
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Dollar Bills
Ideas that sound good are not always good investments.  Investors need to know the  difference.  Decades of working with new startups has given me a lot of insight into what goes into a successful venture.  I strengthen that insight by using a  structured approach to evaluate the market, competition, people, operational model, and business model to limit your risk and give your venture investment the edge it needs to succeed. 
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Helping Hands
Non-profits ventures can be especially challenging. Not only do they have to serve the needs of clients who may be hard to reach and hard to understand, but they also have to appeal to donors who are often flooded with appeals from other worthy causes.  Let me help you apply sound marketing principles to both sides of your non-profit equation to ensure that you are delivering the most value to your target community and appealing to the right set of donors with the right message. 
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Marketing can be especially hard for a new venture.  You have fewer resources than your competitors, no brand recognition, conflicting priorities between awareness and stealth, and more often than not little existing data about your market.  I can help you develop a marketing strategy that leverages the advantages you have as a startup and give you insights into creative strategies to compete with established companies without a multi-million dollar budget. 
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